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pet sitters
Cell 973-452-0054
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service areas include wayne, franklin lakes, pompton lakes, pompton plains, riverdale and pequannock in northern new jersey
Quality care for all pets right in your own home!

I started Jody's Pet Sitters LLC, over 24 years ago now. I'm an experienced vet tech, certified canine specialist and have cared for over 300 dogs and about 75 cats throughout the years. I am also a professional pet photographer. Many of my pet pics have sold around the world on Getty Images. Not to mention some of the owners like them too. =)

Right now I have three dogs (I've raised thirteen of my own); two boxers, Faith, now 18 months and Zeke about 7 years old (the picture on the right shows Faith the week I brought her home). 

Zeke was adopted June 2016 through Chelsea's Hope Boxer Rescue and Faith I adopted as a puppy in Dec. 2016. I also have an english bulldog named Tank (pictured below). You'll see all three up here on my site because they are three of my favorite subjects to photograph. Especially Faith, as she is so photogenic!

I also photograph my client's dogs everyday. Several are posted down below.


About Me

I do what I do because I love what I do...

I will take care of all your pets needs and wants right in your own home where they remain happy and healthy. No exposure to fleas, ticks or disease from other animals in a kennel or doggie hotel.

I've been doing this a long time and I find they do best right where they spend their normal days, eating, sleeping, playing and just hanging out in their own home.

Just because you have to go to work or want to take a well deserved vacation... doesn't mean you and your pets need to be stressed.They'll spend their time right in their own home and you never have to worry about them being caged unless that's part of their regular routine (i.e. puppies). I will feed them, play with them, walk them or let them out in the yard and take pictures of them. Dogs are such creatures of habit and are much happier in their own homes and backyards.


My job is to give love and attention all day long; to keep them happy until you get back. 

I will also take care of the house, take the mail and newspapers in; turn different lights on and off so the home looks lived in,bring in garbage cans from the curb and water your plants. I'm well experienced with alarm codes and garage codes. 


I will come for a meet and greet before you go away. I'll get the keys and/or codes, find out where the food is kept and if there is need for medications, including insulin injections, I can do that too. What ever you need, for the care and well being of your pets, I am here to assist.


You can have a guilt free vacation or business trip knowing that your pets are well taken care of while you're away. Going to the beach for the day? How about New York City for the theatre, maybe some dinner? 

Give me a call or pop me a text and we can discuss whatever you need when you're away from home.


BOOK A visit or more...

Book a Walk


Pet sitting 1-4 pets      $20/visit       fenced yards get base rate of $20 even with multiple dogs.                                                                                 cats are an extra $2.oo for feeding and cleaning litterbox when dogs                                                       are in the house. Cat only houses are $18-20 per visit depending on                                                                 how many litterboxes and feeding areas.




Dog walking 1 dog       $20/visit              each additional dog add $2.00


insulin injections      $5/injection


oral medication           No charge              mail and newspapers brought in at no charge too


Nail clipping               $15                       dogs only. Cats if owner is available to hold


Poop Scooping             $20                      for 1-2 dogs and average yard weekly

                                                                For more than 1-2 dogs or a large yard quote                                                                                         upon request.

                                    Jody's pet pics!!                                                                     You can click on the picture to see  a little blog about the pet if you want. 



Contact Me

  Tel:973-452-0054 Text or Call



     "Jody knows animals! For 20+ years, our cats have been cared for by Jody. She's handled a variety of situations over the years. It's great knowing our cats and home are in safe, reliable hands." Kathy K.  ★★★★★ 

      "Jody has been pet sitting our dogs for over 20 years. She has shown an obvious love for our pets as well as being our "expert" on their behavior and development. Jody is extremely reliable and very professional. I would highly recommend her personalized service for your pets!"

Donna Y.  ★★★★★

     "As pet owners who are probably way too attached to their cat, we can honestly say that pet sitting is not just Jody's job- it's what she loves to do. In the past 15 years as our pet sitter, she's become part of our family. We know we can count on her to take the best care of our kitty and our home when we're not there. She really spoils our little guy!"

Maryann and Tom R. ★★★★★

     "Jody has been my pet sitter for over 14 years. I, at first, had Jody take care of our cats. While I killed the better part of two days driving forty-five minutes each way to a kennel. After several stressful trips to drop off my dogs within the kennel's hours, I decided to give Jody a try for all four of my pets. I have not used a kennel since.

     Jody is extremely competent. She takes very good care of our pets and home. I now have two cats and three dogs. Jody just makes my life easier! I don't have to worry if my pets have their boarding shots, whether I stopped the mail or have to formulate a plan to get them to the kennel. My pets are also less stressed by being in their own home. It's a win-win for everyone!"

Diane S. ★★★★★

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